Overview of the Conference – Virtual

An Established Institution

For over 2 decades, IHA has provided the latest in health literacy advancements to healthcare professionals. This tradition continues as, even now, we blueprint the next health literacy forum. And wherever you fall—from seasoned pro to zealous newbie—you’ll find plenty of reasons to join us.

A Singular Purpose

Through the IHA conference, you can explore health literacy best practices. You can discover innovations for the improved delivery of quality care. With each session, you’ll find the agenda designed for a singular purpose: to provide you with practical solutions to increase health literacy and health equity.

A Rich Diversity

Though health literacy is the common thread, it connects a broad sample of professionals. You will meet, for example, providers and researchers and academics. They’ll represent small non-profits and diverse corporations; their roles will range from front-line to behind-the-scenes. And, it’s against this collaborative backdrop that you’ll find yourself buoyed by such a diverse wealth of experience.

A Worthy Investment

By attending an IHA conference, you invest in your own professional development. You’ll learn about practical and effective solutions, ranging from crafting effective communications to choosing, and using, the most appropriate tool. And you’ll join the ranks of conscientious advocates committed to supporting health literacy.

An array of options.

The conference comprises a variety of sessions to keep you active and engaged. From plenary and breakout sessions to workshops and expert insights, your biggest challenge may be deciding which to choose.

Access and More

Registration includes not only access to the entire conference, but also membership to the Health Literacy Solutions Center. This gives you access to health literacy resource materials made available during the last conference. And if the networking; education; and professional enrichment weren’t enough, you can earn more than 30 continuing education credits.

Peer Insights

Poster presentations continue to be a crowd favorite. Maybe you’ve implemented an innovative program or conducted exhaustive research or solved some vexing problem. Presenting a poster gives you a chance to share your work and enlighten the rest of us.


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IHA demonstrates its commitment to healthcare professionals by arming them with relevant advances in health literacy knowledge, skills, and competencies.

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) healthcare public charity, with the mission of empowering people to better health. IHA accomplishes its mission by hosting a national Annual Health Literacy Conference for healthcare professionals; publishing the easy-to-read, easy-to-use What To Do For Health book series; and providing health literacy communication solutions consulting services. For more information about IHA’s products and services, please visit www.iha4health.org.